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Instabind-The Ultimate Carpet Binding Tape

Having a carpet for your house is usually a great idea in respect to the décor of the house. However, with time, the carpet starts to wear out up to a point where it can no longer be used anymore. When your carpet gets to this point, time is usually ripe to transform it into a rug.

This helps in ensuring that even your waste and worn out carpet still has some worth in it. Instabind is the commonly used carpet edge binding tape. Instabind carpet edging refers to using the binding tape to reinforce the edges of the carpet such that it can be used as a rug.

In most cases, instabind carpet edging should be carried out by someone who has knowledge in carpet binding. This is despite the fact that carpet edging is a DIY task due to the fact that it is not so complicated. Even so, there is still high need for competence so as to ensure that the resulting rug is of high quality.

Advantages of instabind carpet edging

There are multiple advantages that are associated with instabind carpet edging. These advantages are mainly based on the fact that instabind is a highly effective binding tape and as such it can be widely used in reinforcing different types of edges. The main advantage of carpet edging is the fact that it helps in turning waste carpets to efficient rugs that can be used for a number of purposes around the house. This in turn helps in reducing wastage of worn out carpets. Instabind carpet edging also aims at enhancing the interior décor of a house. It can therefore be used for decorative purposes around the house. In addition to this, instabind is generally harmless and as such it does not impose any toxics due to its use. It’s therefore quite safe to be used even in homes that have young kids and children.

How is instabind carpet edging undertaken?

Instabind carpet edging is very easy to achieve especially due to the reason that applying the tape is quite easy and straight forward. This implies that it is not necessary that there be advanced technical know how in order to be able to effectively apply instabind tape. You just require cutting off the threads on the carpet’s edge for uniformity. The instabind tape is then applied so as to reinforce the edges of the carpet so that it can be used as a rug or even a floor mat. Instabind carpet edging can be used for different sizes of mats provided that the binding tape is enough to go round the carpet’s edges.