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Carpet Binding – It’s Time To Know The Entire Thing About It

Carpet has been a popular very flooring option for most of the house owners, so it is very natural that you know what a carpet is and might be you have one also. But now the question is that do you really know anything about carpet binding and how it is made? Well, here in this article we are going to discuss about carpet binding and other important facts about carpet.

What is carpet binding?

As I told you before that carpet binding plays a very crucial role in flooring industry. It is one of the most common flooring trades where the edge of a carpet is modified with the different designs of stitching or fabrics. Now you might be wondering about the useful of binding. A binding protects the edge of a carpet so that the carpet can stay away from wear or unraveling and last for a long time. Always remember one thing that a beautiful designed carpet can put more aesthetical value to your home.

Each rug or carpet is a little different and that is why carpet material also differs from carpet to carpet. It is really important to choose a long lasting rug binding material and at the same time it should be appropriate for the carpet weight also. It is possible to reduce bulk by grading heavier rugs.

Presently, most of the carpet edging processes are being done by either machine-sewn or modern carpet glued binding strips but hand-sewing technique still do the best for hand –hooked rugs.

Types of carpet binding

There are different types of carpet binding procedures available in the market and many of these techniques need special type of carpet edging tools or machineries. There you can find handmade rug binding also.

In case of special quick rug binding, hot glued is used but this type of carpet comes with less durability and naturally it comes with cheaper prices also.

A heavy-weight sewing machine is used for most of the commercial rug binding. Rug tape is also a very crucial element for the rug binding process.

Know about rug binding tape

A carpet or rug binding tape is nothing but a technical term used to indentify different types of tapes used in rug or carpet binding procedure.

Generally double sided binding tape product is used for most of the rug binding project.

Now it is time to know how to choose the best carpet quality

When you are going to buy a carpet for your home, it is really important to choose the best quality carpet from the market. Knowing what carpet to buy could be a difficult job for you as there you will find a lot of carpet qualities and types. The first thing you should pay attention to the binding type of the carpet. A good binding is really important for carpet protection and that is why you should buy a carpet which comes with high quality binding.