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Steps To Tape Carpet Edging

Carpet edging was once done solely by professionals with stitching machines created specifically for applying edge-binding tape to carpets. The results were typically skilled and long lasting. With the advent of home improvement centers and carpet warehouses, an increasing variety of householders select to put in carpeting themselves. This works well until you run across a piece of floor or stairway that needs binding. Luckily, there is an alternate to machine binding exposed edges. Carpet binding tape is offered in an exceedingly variety of colors and needs little expertise or extra equipment to install.
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one. Make a straight, even cut on the sting to be bound. Binding tape can look solely as good as the sting of the carpet you start with. Build a fresh cut along the sting of the carpet with a utility knife using a straight edge as a guide.

2. Cut a bit of binding tape the length of the edge you want to bind. Remove the paper tape covering the edging’s adhesive strip. Use scissors to form a recent square cut on the top of the strip.

3. Position the ornamental edge of the binding tape against the sting of the carpet. Press the adhesive strip in place on the carpet backing.

4. Apply a tiny bead of hot glue, only vi inches long on the face of the carpet in the gap between the carpet’s edge and the ornamental edge of the binding.
five. Press and hold the freshly glued edges together with a board. Allow the glue to chill for a few moments before moving to the next section.

6. Continue applying glue and pressing the seam along until you have got reached the end of your seam.

Tips & Warnings

one. When binding around corners, cut the tape’s backing even with the sting of the carpet. Do not cut the ornamental edge. Fold the decorative edge around the corner of the carpet and stick the adhesive portion of the tape over the present tape on the underside of the rug. This can form a small double layer of adhesive but can have no result on the appearance of the higher portion of the carpet.

a pair of. Binding tape is an cheap methodology for making space rugs out of remnants.

three. Use caution while cutting your carpet with a utility knife. A blade that’s sharp enough to chop utterly through carpet is sharp enough to cause severe injury.

4.Always use a recent, sharp blade to cut carpet. A dully blade can pull on the carpet’s nap and ravel the nap on the carpet’s edge.



Things You’ll Need


  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Binding tape