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Instructions On How To Tape Carpet Edging

Those who wanted to have carpet edging installed would seek help from professionals who were responsible in their application with the use of a sewing machine. There’s no denial that the output was much appreciated but due to harsh economic times many have gone the way of doing these undertakings themselves.
The task is much easy if one is acquitted with the knowledge on how to undertake it.This process has been made much easier with the availability of carpet binding tape because this tool has been found to be very useful if one is to install carpet edging.

Tape carpet edging instructions

Tape carpet edging can be chosen from a range of colors that may be there and one isn’t required to be an expert in carpet edging so as to implement the following process.

Things one will in need for tape carpet edging

Tools that one will need to make the process include a knife, binding tape, straight edge, scissors, hot glue gum and a short piece of board.

Steps for implementing tape carpet edging

Find a suitable edge by straightening it out to begin this process on carpet edging. It is a must that the edge looks very good because this will act as a guide to the binding tape. If one is to cut then he/she is required to make use of a straight edge together with the knife.
carpet edgingThe second step on how to tape carpet edging involves making use of the length measured out of the edge to cut out the binding tape. One has to locate the edge of the carpet on which he/she will tape to install carpet edging. The decorative part of the tape should be positioned against the carpet on the edge. This is to ensure that one does carpet edging as well as the tape looks appealing to those who get to have a look on them.
The carpet backing should be enhanced by pressing the adhesive strip; for strength of tape carpet edging one is required to apply hot glue. This product should be applied on the gap that is present between the edges of the carpet together with the tape’s binding. The measurement for the application should be six inches long thus one should ensure that these measurements aren’t surpassed.
The board should help one in ensuring that the glue is firmly attached. Tape carpet edging process continues where one is required to leave the glue to cool before proceeding to other parts that require the same application. This is to ensure that one gets the best results achievable.
Tape carpet edging should be applied with much care on the corners. This inexpensive method has been found to be very effective thus those who don’t want to spend much on carpet edging are required to make use of this method. Usage of tools such as the knife should be done with much care where one needs to prevent him/herself from accidental cuts.

Steps To Tape Carpet Edging

Carpet edging was once done solely by professionals with stitching machines created specifically for applying edge-binding tape to carpets. The results were typically skilled and long lasting. With the advent of home improvement centers and carpet warehouses, an increasing variety of householders select to put in carpeting themselves. This works well until you run across a piece of floor or stairway that needs binding. Luckily, there is an alternate to machine binding exposed edges. Carpet binding tape is offered in an exceedingly variety of colors and needs little expertise or extra equipment to install.
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one. Make a straight, even cut on the sting to be bound. Binding tape can look solely as good as the sting of the carpet you start with. Build a fresh cut along the sting of the carpet with a utility knife using a straight edge as a guide.

2. Cut a bit of binding tape the length of the edge you want to bind. Remove the paper tape covering the edging’s adhesive strip. Use scissors to form a recent square cut on the top of the strip.

3. Position the ornamental edge of the binding tape against the sting of the carpet. Press the adhesive strip in place on the carpet backing.

4. Apply a tiny bead of hot glue, only vi inches long on the face of the carpet in the gap between the carpet’s edge and the ornamental edge of the binding.
five. Press and hold the freshly glued edges together with a board. Allow the glue to chill for a few moments before moving to the next section.

6. Continue applying glue and pressing the seam along until you have got reached the end of your seam.

Tips & Warnings

one. When binding around corners, cut the tape’s backing even with the sting of the carpet. Do not cut the ornamental edge. Fold the decorative edge around the corner of the carpet and stick the adhesive portion of the tape over the present tape on the underside of the rug. This can form a small double layer of adhesive but can have no result on the appearance of the higher portion of the carpet.

a pair of. Binding tape is an cheap methodology for making space rugs out of remnants.

three. Use caution while cutting your carpet with a utility knife. A blade that’s sharp enough to chop utterly through carpet is sharp enough to cause severe injury.

4.Always use a recent, sharp blade to cut carpet. A dully blade can pull on the carpet’s nap and ravel the nap on the carpet’s edge.



Things You’ll Need


  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Binding tape

Tips To Install Aluminum Bars

When a carpet is installed in a very room, the perimeters of the carpet are tucked into the base of the wallboard. This is completed for aesthetic reasons, with to forestall the edge of the carpet from pulling up. When there is a doorway between a carpeted space and an uncarpeted area, the sting of the carpet must be locked down as a result of it is a tripping hazard. This will be done by inserting an aluminum transition bar across the edge of the carpet.

Things You may Need

Tape measure
Transition bar
Metal-cutting blade
Galvanized screws
Utility knife
Stair chisel
Wood block

Installing an aluminum bar across carpet edging can prevent people from tripping.

1.Cut the aluminum transition bar to suit across the length of the doorway with a hacksaw.
2.Lay the aluminum bar across the doorway, positioning it thus that the front edge is beneath the edge of the carpet. Attach the bar to the ground with galvanized screws.
3.Place a straightedge on the carpet one/4 in. away from the sting, positioning it thus that it runs parallel to the doorway.
4.Trim the one/four-in. edge of the carpet off with a utility knife. Use the straightedge as a guide. Cut away any rough, jagged edges left behind by the first cut.
5.Stretch the carpet till it reaches the aluminum transition bar with a knee-kicker — thus named as a result of you kick the padded fringe of the tool with your knee to stretch the carpet.
half dozen.Slide the edge of the carpet beneath the prime edge of the transition bar and onto the hooks along the underside edge inside the transition bar employing a stair chisel. The hooks help to carry the carpet in place.
7.Bend the flange on the high of the bar down onto the prime of the carpet by tapping it with a hammer. Place a wood block between the hammer and therefore the transition bar to guard the bar from receiving direct blows from the hammer.

How To Repair Carpet Edging

Carpet edging may have many great features but they are also susceptible to damage like other products. Many reasons can lead to wear and tear of carpet edging thus it’s good to expose them to repair or else one will get the worst view of carpet edges. These undertakings will result in one’s carpet looking like it was installed many years ago and usually this is not the case.
The following instructions will provide one with the expertise of repairing carpet edging. If one finds it hard to implement then he/she is required to seek services of an expert to ensure that his/her own carpet is fully restored.

Instructions on repairing carpet edging

Before proceeding in the implementation of the following set of instructions, one is required to have some tools to make the process a possibility.

Things you need on repairing carpet edging

The items that are required for carpet edging repair include a pair of scissors, carpet tacks, tape and carpet seam adhesive together with bitter apple spray.

Steps on carpet edging repair

To kickstart the process, one is required to take a closer look on the carpet edges and identify stray strands that may be present. This step is to aid in finding the damage that carpet edging may be exposed to. Upon findings, using a pair of scissors one is required to trim the stray strands.
Trimming is one of the key steps in carpet edging repair because it will prevent unraveling of the strands. It’s good to do this to prevent further damage to the carpet. Proceed to remove carpet edging in those areas that have suffered from damage. Be very careful when removing them and if one is not sure then he/she is to seek the services or go through manual in place relating to the removal.
carpet edgingTake the carpet seam adhesive and with it run a thin line. This application should be done beneath the edge of the carpet. Proceed to locate and pull the carpet taut and finish this step of carpet edging repair by pressing the carpet over the adhesive. This step is done due to the need of preventing the edges of the carpet from situations that may cause fray.
If one has pets that have the tendency of damaging carpet edging by chewing then he/she can make use of bitter apple spray to deter them from such undertakings. This product isn’t poisonous thus don’t worry about its constituent; it acts as repellent to prevent future damage that may occur to carpet edging. Tape can also act as a repellant to pets where continuous stuck that they may be exposed resulting into them finding another spot.
These are crucial steps that one needs to follow in order to repair his/her carpet edging. Many have found that pets and children are hugely responsible for damage suffered by carpet edging thus it’s good to keep an eye on them to prevent further losses. One thing to note is whether the damage suffered is extensive; if so then one has to cut the affected part or replace with a new one to enjoy what carpet edging has to offer.

Aluminium Bar Carpet Edging Installation

There are broad carpet edging materials that can be used when the need comes up. The sole purpose of carpet edging is to ensure that seam is well hidden that is present between the floor and the carpet. Many prefer to use carpet edging in order for them to get the look that is aesthetic and works well on the intersection.
Another reason as to why many prefer carpet edging is that this product prevents one from tripping that may result from non-uniform flooring. This undertaking has forced the market to come up with aluminium bar carpet edging so as to satisfy their demand.

Instructions on installing aluminium bar carpet edging

Aluminium bar carpet edging are present in the market varying in length together with elegant finishes that have all that it takes to fulfill need for a home decor.

Things needed for aluminium carpet edging installation

Tools required for one to successfully install aluminium bar carpet edging include a tape measure, aluminium bar carpet edging kit, hacksaw and electric screw gun together with screws.

Steps on installing aluminium bar carpet edging

The first step in installing aluminium bar carpet edging includes measuring the seam one is to hide. Using the tape measure, one will find out the length of seam where these measurements will aid one in the installation.
The second step involves one cutting out the required measurement of the aluminium bar carpet edging. The measurement one can use to cut aluminium bar carpet edging is the distance between the walls available. The tool that is ideal for this service is the hacksaw.
Proceed to lay the aluminium bar carpet edging over the seam to begin the installation. One is required to ensure that the screws that are available on the carpet edging are centered over the seam. The electric screw gun should aid one in driving the screws perfectly.
carpet edgingThings to note are that one must ensure when buying aluminium bar carpet edging is varying length that he/she comes with. Correct measurements will ensure that the process is successful. Another point to note is the danger posed with tools such as hacksaw when one is not implementing much care.
Use of electric screw gun must also be used with much care where one is required not to over-tighten the screws because in the future he/she may want to remove aluminium bar carpet edging. This undertaking will ensure that one gets to enjoy uniformity that comes with the installation.
Many have been found to make use of aluminium bar carpet edging to adjacent flooring of different material. Great looks will be promoted thus it’s very essential for homes and offices that want to paint a good picture together with the strong feelings for home decor. In ensuring that the carpet edges are well hidden all around the room even if they meet another floor, it’s good to install this carpet edging. They are present in the market at a very affordable price comparing with the benefits that come with the product.