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Instabind-The Ultimate Carpet Binding Tape

Having a carpet for your house is usually a great idea in respect to the décor of the house. However, with time, the carpet starts to wear out up to a point where it can no longer be used anymore. When your carpet gets to this point, time is usually ripe to transform it into a rug.

This helps in ensuring that even your waste and worn out carpet still has some worth in it. Instabind is the commonly used carpet edge binding tape. Instabind carpet edging refers to using the binding tape to reinforce the edges of the carpet such that it can be used as a rug.

In most cases, instabind carpet edging should be carried out by someone who has knowledge in carpet binding. This is despite the fact that carpet edging is a DIY task due to the fact that it is not so complicated. Even so, there is still high need for competence so as to ensure that the resulting rug is of high quality.

Advantages of instabind carpet edging

There are multiple advantages that are associated with instabind carpet edging. These advantages are mainly based on the fact that instabind is a highly effective binding tape and as such it can be widely used in reinforcing different types of edges. The main advantage of carpet edging is the fact that it helps in turning waste carpets to efficient rugs that can be used for a number of purposes around the house. This in turn helps in reducing wastage of worn out carpets. Instabind carpet edging also aims at enhancing the interior décor of a house. It can therefore be used for decorative purposes around the house. In addition to this, instabind is generally harmless and as such it does not impose any toxics due to its use. It’s therefore quite safe to be used even in homes that have young kids and children.

How is instabind carpet edging undertaken?

Instabind carpet edging is very easy to achieve especially due to the reason that applying the tape is quite easy and straight forward. This implies that it is not necessary that there be advanced technical know how in order to be able to effectively apply instabind tape. You just require cutting off the threads on the carpet’s edge for uniformity. The instabind tape is then applied so as to reinforce the edges of the carpet so that it can be used as a rug or even a floor mat. Instabind carpet edging can be used for different sizes of mats provided that the binding tape is enough to go round the carpet’s edges.

How to install metal carpet edging

There are many home owners who usually wonder how to dispose off old and worn out carpets. This is due to the fact that in most instances, when carpets get worn out due to continued use, there is usually not much that can be done from the carpets. However, this is not the case as with edging, you can be able to transform an old piece of carpet into a very magnificent and amazing rug.

How to install metal carpet edging mainly revolves around ensuring that the damaged fibers on the carpet’s edges are reinforced so as to prolong the life of the carpet.

Steps to undertake in metallic carpet edging

There are different factors that determine how to install metal carpet edging effectively. The first step mainly entails measuring out the best fit area, one that fits the desired size and shape. The already cut out carpet is then cleaned in order to get rid of dust and other debris materials that may exist on the carpet. After cleaning the carpet, you should then layout the carpet such that the edges of the carpet are lying on the metal strips. You should use a sharp object in order to trim off the fibers that protrude off from the main carpet edges.

It is important that when deciding on how to install metal carpet edging, you should put the carpet in a stretched out manner. This is very important as it helps in ensuring that the already reinforced edges achieve rigidity.

Important aspects to consider while reinforcing a carpet using metal strips

When deciding on how to install metal carpet edging, you should always ensure that all the necessary measures are put in place. This helps in ensuring that you are able to effortlessly achieve metallic carpet edging at a considerable low cost. It is important that before undertaking this task, you should have a considerable exposure to steps undertaken in metal carpet edging. This is very important in that it helps in ensuring that you are in a position to undertake the task in a professional manner and hence better output.

You should conduct an extensive search on the best shape and size of carpet to use in metal edging. Extremely large sizes and shapes are usually very hard to edge and also may be a bit expensive due to metal size required. How to install metal carpet edging should be cost effective in that it should not be too high and hence very uneconomical. The overall cost incurred should be lower than that of purchasing a new carpet/rug.

Curving a carpet edge effortlessly

If you are deciding on installing a carpet in your house, you should not let curved walls lower the quality of the interior décor brought about by the carpet. This is due to the fact that in most instances curved walls and corners usually hinder effective installation of carpets. You should use small carpet sections around the corners and on the wall curves. You can always cut out a desired shape off the main carpet in order to perfectly cover the curves and corners on walls.

There are different steps that you should undertake while deciding on how to curve a carpet edge. These steps are mainly used in order to ensure that there is uniformity in the already placed carpet.

Steps to consider while curving out a carpet edge

While deciding on how to curve a carpet edge, you should ensure that you seek professional help and guidance in order to know how to cut out the best shape. This is very important in ensuring that you are in a position to cut out an edge that completely covers a curve on the wall.

Steps to undertake are such as:

The first step on how to curve a carpet edge is trimming tack strips using a utility knife. The strips should be trimmed into small sizes that are compact and those that can fit around the curves. You should then place the strips on the floor in the region around the curve while at the same time ensuring that you are in a position to place the teeth of the strips facing the wall. After the trims have been placed on the wall, you should then ensure that you secure the strips on the edges using nails. This is usually very important in ensuring that the strips are permanent and do not fall off and as a result expose the edges on the wall.

The most important step on how to curve a carpet edge is placing the carpet pad over the floor while ensuring that the edges and curves on the wall do not interfere with the carpet. While placing the carpet, it is important to ensure that you are able to fold the excess edges of the carpet. This helps in increasing the presentation of the carpet and also in enhancing the décor of the carpet. The excess carpet on walls and floor edges should be removed by trimming. How to curve a carpet edge aims at coming up with the best carpet size that is ultimate to spread over the intended floor space.

The scope of carpet whipping

Many home owners usually find themselves pondering about what is carpet whipping?. This is due to the fact that carpet whipping is one of the fastest growing household maintenance practices. Carpet whipping basically refers to a collection term that is used to describe materials that are added onto the edges of carpets so as they can be used as rugs.

Carpet whipping services are offered by several service providers who also offer household services. All you need to do is contact the service provider of choice and pass your size and shape requirements to the service provider of choice. Carpet whipping is done for a number of reasons that may include transforming your waste and old carpet to a useful piece of rug to use in your house.

Choosing the best service provider

The question, what is carpet whipping can be answered from different perspectives that may include eco friendly approaches of reducing environmental pollution. This is due to the fact that in most situations, modern carpets are developed from synthetic fibers that do not rot after disposal.

However, through carpet whipping you can be able to utilize that piece of old carpet to great use as a rug. It is important that while settling for the best carpet whipping service provider, you should always settle on the best service provider. You should check for the efficiency and experience of the carpet whipping service provider in order to get a chance to enjoy great and competitive services. You should settle on the service provider who offers first class services. This helps in ensuring that the resulting rug is able to complement the décor needs of your house.

Benefits of carpet whipping

The question, what is carpet whipping can also be responded to in respect to the beneficial gains that come about with carpet whipping. In most cases, whipping is mainly undertaken as a conservative measure in order to avoid wastage of carpet cut offs. Carpet whipping service providers offer high quality services that aim at reinforcing the edges of the carpets.

This is crucial towards complementing the décor of your home. In most cases, the resulting rugs usually have similar color codes just like the carpet on the floor. Therefore the colors complement each other and as such, the interior décor of a home is enhanced. Carpet whipping service providers are also decorators and therefore they can offer great advice on the best interior decoration to use for carpets and rugs. What is carpet whipping is therefore one of the ways through which you can improve the décor of your home at a low cost.. This is due to the reason that there are numerous testimonials that confirm the effectiveness of carpet whipping in house decoration.


Binding carpet edges effectively

If you have an old piece of carpet that perfectly matches your interior home decor, you can still use it rather than dispose it off. This is due to the reason that you can use a rug edging tape in order to reinforce the edges of the carpet and use it as a rug. You should always prefer doing the edging personally as in most cases; it is very expensive to hire professional binders especially for small sizes of carpets. There are different types of tapes such as adhesive carpet edging tapes that are used while reinforcing the fibers in the edges of the carpet.

Types of binding tapes

The most common types of binding tapes used in carpet edging are such as rug edging tapes, double sided carpet tapes, adhesive carpet edging tapes and self adhesive carpet edging tapes among other types of tapes. These tapes differ from each other in respect to their binding strength and quality. Self adhesive carpet edging tapes are the most effective binding tapes due to their great manufacture.

While reinforcing the edges of carpets, it is important to ensure that you are in a position to cut out the best size and shape of the carpet to use. This is due to the reason that mostly, big carpet sizes and shapes are hard to reinforce. It is also important to use great edging tapes such as adhesive carpet edging tapes. This is important in that it makes it quite easy to achieve excellent carpet edging. Self adhesive carpet binding tapes are the best tapes to use in carpet edging. This is due to the fact that these types of tapes are manufactured greatly and therefore have very strong binding properties. Other than been easy to apply, rug edging tapes are also economically cheaper as compared to other types of binding tapes that are currently on offer in the market.

Double sided carpet tapes are yet other types of binding tapes used in carpet edging. These binding tapes are commonly used in situations where the carpet that requires edging is considerably thick. Double sided carpet tapes have very strong and binding properties and therefore are quite easy to use. Unlike adhesive carpet edging tapes, these types of tapes are quite economical in that they are able to bind the carpet together for quite a longtime. Rug edging tapes on the other hand are equally very economical and easy to apply in carpet edging.

While binding carpet edges using self adhesive carpet binding tapes or other tapes thereof, it is important to ensure that you apply the tape both on the inner and outer sides of the carpet. This is very important in that it helps in ensuring that the edges are strongly held together. Double sided carpet tapes are the best types of tapes to use while binding two edges that are fairly thick. This is due to the reason that these tapes are crucial in ensuring that the two edges are strongly bound together. Rug edging tapes are mainly used when the carpet size is not very large and therefore no detailed binding is required. It is important to ensure that you are able to decide on the best binding tape to use for carpet edging. Whether you decide to use rug edging tapes, double sided carpet tapes, adhesive carpet binding tapes or even self adhesive binding tape, you should always have a reason for your choice. You should refer to the internet while looking for the best tape to use. It is also important to enquire from professional binders on the best tape to use.

How Much Does Carpet Binding Cost

Carpet binding describes the end process that is done to the carpet, which is meant to enhance their appearance. It includes addition of certain materials that is placed at the edge of the carpet. Carpet binding cost differs because the material that used in the binding has different synthetic fibers. The commonly used materials for carpet binding are cotton, leather and some also use nylon. Carpet binding cost also fluctuates due to the current prices that are in the market as well as the quality of standards that you as the carpet owner would like to have.

  • Factors that affect carpet binding cost

Generally, the cost of labor, the materials used, disposal and the square footage are the determining factor in carpet binding cost. The cost of labor differs as different companies charge different rates for carpet installation. Although it is good to go for a company that will give you a discount for the services, it is also important that you take note of the record of that company. The services of a company that has physical address and which has been in the industry for some good number of years would mean that they have experience and the necessary knowledge to know how carpet installation should be done. They would therefore advise you on the best material to use for the carpet binding process and therefore provide you with quality work. It is important that you get the charge rate for the carpet installation cost as some companies charge for hourly services while others will charge you on the square per foot for the project.

The cost of material that is to be used for carpet binding is also considered. Carpet installation cost generally depends on the type of material that the carpet is manufactured with and also the thickness that it has. The carpet binder will therefore have to determine the style that the binding should take place and relate it with the durability of the carpet. Once the factors have been narrowed down, it will leave you with an easy choice of deciding on the best material to use. The carpet binder will also include cost of the gripper that is required for your carpet. This will be included in the whole carpet installation total cost.

The cost of disposal for the carpet is something that is often not taken into consideration. It is however important because as you are installing new carpet the disposal of the old one should be taken into consideration. Some carpet binders charge an extra additional cost for disposing of the carpet. This will then be added to the total carpet binding cost.

Carpet installation cost also depends on the surface that you want to cover. Carpet binders normally refer to this as square per footage. It is one of the determining factors that will contribute to the carpet binding cost. If you will require that your carpet is installed on the stair case, the carpet binder will require more grippers and therefore the carpet installation process will go be more. This is because the square footage of the stair case covers more surface area.

It is important that before you decide on the carpet binding service, you consider factors such as experience and the delivery of quality service. Many such companies are now in the market and most of them have established websites and WebPages for them to advertise on their product. It is advisable that one goes for professional services. This will enable you to come up with clear contracts that will cover on all the costs for the services and they will guarantee you quality work.


Fitting Carpet in Home

Sometimes, we buy the things which we feel are good for our home. Later on we realize that those things are over-sized for our home and space there. Carpets are also included in the list of such things which you may eventually get into your home but fail to find the solutions of putting them correctly. It may sound little off-track if someone suggests you of cutting the carpets so that it can be fit in the room or central space or where ever you feel good. The carpets are not supposed to be cut and placed without making sure that they would not have degraded state of being carpets. If you try to cut the carpets, you may end up spoiling it altogether. So, carpet edging makes great difference when it is done by experienced and professional people who have handled the carpets for many years.

There are clear advantages of hiring the professional services of the companies which have expertise in carpets. Many people like to observe the process of cutting of carpets and finally doing the job of carpet edging trim would make you confident of the fact that you have hired right people. The standard procedures of handing carpets must be followed and most of the professional companies do good job. Just in case, you are planning to learn by seeing some videos, the word of caution is advised to you that before you attempt anything on your carpets, you must have right tools and some experience. If you have none of them then it is always better to call the carpet servicing companies in your area.

Many people ask this question which areas of your home are suitable for carpets. Well, the answer is all and it depends on you to afford the carpets. The areas outside can also be covered using carpets. The outdoor carpet is a good idea but you would certainly need the professional help because outdoor carpets are placed differently because they are exposed to more light and dust.

Carpet Edging ; Why You Should Get The Service For Your Carpet

We buy carpets that can fit in the space of our living room, in the hallway or the office where we work. Carpets however come in the standard size of 3.6 by 4 in their length and width. If the size of the hallway or living room is smaller than this, then carpet edging should be done. Carpet edging basically involves the cutting of your carpet to the size that will fit your space and then sewing it so that it can not alter the look that it had.

Carpet edging is very important as it is what will ensure that the carpet fits well and it has not been rolled over at the edge thereby distorting the beauty. It is the only way that will ensure that the flooring of the floor that you have heavily invested in is not ruined. The parts that will be cut off and the edges that are shed will be used creatively as marts that will find use in some other spaces of the room. It is therefore important that you seek the services of a professional who will give you quality work so that the finishing that will be done will be neat and the over locking will be perfect.

Carpet installation is a common procedure that is done by most homes. It is done when we exchange the carpet so that the home will look more attractive and to fit with the interior decoration of the house. Carpet installation has become a common practice to most home sellers. This is done to enhance the appearance of your carpet and therefore boast the sale price. It is one of those steps that are aimed at redecorating of your homes so that the price will be better and will be reasonable as per the look of the house. It will result to you benefitting from the current home sales to approximately 30% more the general price.

Carpet edging trim is a professional enhancement that is done on your carpet to ensure that it achieves the required look that a carpet should have. Untrimmed carpet edges give a messy look of the carpet and they tend to get worn out fast. Carpet edging trim is one of the simple procedures that every home owner can do to make sure that it has a long life. Thickness of the carpet is to be considered so that the nails that is to be used to have the right width. It is then important that the carpet be measured against the wall and trimmed well.

Replacing Carpet Edging On A Slab

Many have opted for the way of installing carpet edging to areas that change due to conjunction of two types of flooring or carpets. In order to remove and install a new carpet edging, one is required to follow a set of instructions so as to ensure the benefits continue to flow. Carpet edging replacement may include some reasons such as removing the old ones and putting up new ones.

Instructions on replacing carpet edging

Aluminium is what many have gotten to use as part of carpet edging. This is because they are of quality and they are known to enjoy much durability than any other.

Things needed on replacing carpet edging

There are tools that one can use in replacing carpet edging and they include a power drill, a hammer, chisel, vacuum, tape measure, aluminium transition strip, marker, carpet tack strip, tin snips, circular saw, safety glasses, construction adhesive, caulk gun, scissors and painter’s tape.

Steps in replacing carpet edging

To replace carpet edging the first step is for one to locate screws that were used to attach carpet edging and with a power drill one is required to remove them. The pry bar comes in handy when one is trying to detach carpet edging attached using adhesive.
carpet edgingOne continues with the process of removing the old carpet edging by ensuring that care is implemented when removing the adhesive held together with the screws. Once the detachment of carpet edging is successfully done, one is required to make use of the vacuum to clean in order for the preparation for new carpet edging.
At this step, one is able to proceed to install new carpet edging. At this stage one should have the measurements of the old carpet edging and with a marker, clear labeling should be done on the new carpet edging.Moulding will be done corresponding to the marker line which will guide one in cutting out the metal to be used.
Rubber should be installed on the inside of the metal and proceed to apply adhesive to the floor. This works well if the concrete floor forms the basis of carpet edging installation. Pressing against the carpet attachment should be done with screws. Before screwing, one should attach the carpet edging well and correctly and with the power drill one can screw the carpet edging.
One can also use painters tape to serve the purpose of protecting the carpet from movement because it will deter the purpose of adhesive before it dries. The duration that the adhesive needs to dry amounts to twenty four hours. At this stage, one should get a view of how the new carpet edging looks and in no time the process is upon completion.
One should ensure that he/she implements safety measures when using tools; some are very dangerous thus protective gear is required for one to protect him/herself from accidents. The process can be hectic or demanding thus it’s good to involve an expert in every undertaking if one is to get the best out of replacing carpet edging to enjoy full benefits.