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How Much Does Carpet Binding Cost

Carpet binding describes the end process that is done to the carpet, which is meant to enhance their appearance. It includes addition of certain materials that is placed at the edge of the carpet. Carpet binding cost differs because the material that used in the binding has different synthetic fibers. The commonly used materials for carpet binding are cotton, leather and some also use nylon. Carpet binding cost also fluctuates due to the current prices that are in the market as well as the quality of standards that you as the carpet owner would like to have.

  • Factors that affect carpet binding cost

Generally, the cost of labor, the materials used, disposal and the square footage are the determining factor in carpet binding cost. The cost of labor differs as different companies charge different rates for carpet installation. Although it is good to go for a company that will give you a discount for the services, it is also important that you take note of the record of that company. The services of a company that has physical address and which has been in the industry for some good number of years would mean that they have experience and the necessary knowledge to know how carpet installation should be done. They would therefore advise you on the best material to use for the carpet binding process and therefore provide you with quality work. It is important that you get the charge rate for the carpet installation cost as some companies charge for hourly services while others will charge you on the square per foot for the project.

The cost of material that is to be used for carpet binding is also considered. Carpet installation cost generally depends on the type of material that the carpet is manufactured with and also the thickness that it has. The carpet binder will therefore have to determine the style that the binding should take place and relate it with the durability of the carpet. Once the factors have been narrowed down, it will leave you with an easy choice of deciding on the best material to use. The carpet binder will also include cost of the gripper that is required for your carpet. This will be included in the whole carpet installation total cost.

The cost of disposal for the carpet is something that is often not taken into consideration. It is however important because as you are installing new carpet the disposal of the old one should be taken into consideration. Some carpet binders charge an extra additional cost for disposing of the carpet. This will then be added to the total carpet binding cost.

Carpet installation cost also depends on the surface that you want to cover. Carpet binders normally refer to this as square per footage. It is one of the determining factors that will contribute to the carpet binding cost. If you will require that your carpet is installed on the stair case, the carpet binder will require more grippers and therefore the carpet installation process will go be more. This is because the square footage of the stair case covers more surface area.

It is important that before you decide on the carpet binding service, you consider factors such as experience and the delivery of quality service. Many such companies are now in the market and most of them have established websites and WebPages for them to advertise on their product. It is advisable that one goes for professional services. This will enable you to come up with clear contracts that will cover on all the costs for the services and they will guarantee you quality work.