Replacing Carpet Edging On A Slab

Many have opted for the way of installing carpet edging to areas that change due to conjunction of two types of flooring or carpets. In order to remove and install a new carpet edging, one is required to follow a set of instructions so as to ensure the benefits continue to flow. Carpet edging replacement may include some reasons such as removing the old ones and putting up new ones.

Instructions on replacing carpet edging

Aluminium is what many have gotten to use as part of carpet edging. This is because they are of quality and they are known to enjoy much durability than any other.

Things needed on replacing carpet edging

There are tools that one can use in replacing carpet edging and they include a power drill, a hammer, chisel, vacuum, tape measure, aluminium transition strip, marker, carpet tack strip, tin snips, circular saw, safety glasses, construction adhesive, caulk gun, scissors and painter’s tape.

Steps in replacing carpet edging

To replace carpet edging the first step is for one to locate screws that were used to attach carpet edging and with a power drill one is required to remove them. The pry bar comes in handy when one is trying to detach carpet edging attached using adhesive.
carpet edgingOne continues with the process of removing the old carpet edging by ensuring that care is implemented when removing the adhesive held together with the screws. Once the detachment of carpet edging is successfully done, one is required to make use of the vacuum to clean in order for the preparation for new carpet edging.
At this step, one is able to proceed to install new carpet edging. At this stage one should have the measurements of the old carpet edging and with a marker, clear labeling should be done on the new carpet edging.Moulding will be done corresponding to the marker line which will guide one in cutting out the metal to be used.
Rubber should be installed on the inside of the metal and proceed to apply adhesive to the floor. This works well if the concrete floor forms the basis of carpet edging installation. Pressing against the carpet attachment should be done with screws. Before screwing, one should attach the carpet edging well and correctly and with the power drill one can screw the carpet edging.
One can also use painters tape to serve the purpose of protecting the carpet from movement because it will deter the purpose of adhesive before it dries. The duration that the adhesive needs to dry amounts to twenty four hours. At this stage, one should get a view of how the new carpet edging looks and in no time the process is upon completion.
One should ensure that he/she implements safety measures when using tools; some are very dangerous thus protective gear is required for one to protect him/herself from accidents. The process can be hectic or demanding thus it’s good to involve an expert in every undertaking if one is to get the best out of replacing carpet edging to enjoy full benefits.