Instructions On How To Tape Carpet Edging

Those who wanted to have carpet edging installed would seek help from professionals who were responsible in their application with the use of a sewing machine. There’s no denial that the output was much appreciated but due to harsh economic times many have gone the way of doing these undertakings themselves.
The task is much easy if one is acquitted with the knowledge on how to undertake it.This process has been made much easier with the availability of carpet binding tape because this tool has been found to be very useful if one is to install carpet edging.

Tape carpet edging instructions

Tape carpet edging can be chosen from a range of colors that may be there and one isn’t required to be an expert in carpet edging so as to implement the following process.

Things one will in need for tape carpet edging

Tools that one will need to make the process include a knife, binding tape, straight edge, scissors, hot glue gum and a short piece of board.

Steps for implementing tape carpet edging

Find a suitable edge by straightening it out to begin this process on carpet edging. It is a must that the edge looks very good because this will act as a guide to the binding tape. If one is to cut then he/she is required to make use of a straight edge together with the knife.
carpet edgingThe second step on how to tape carpet edging involves making use of the length measured out of the edge to cut out the binding tape. One has to locate the edge of the carpet on which he/she will tape to install carpet edging. The decorative part of the tape should be positioned against the carpet on the edge. This is to ensure that one does carpet edging as well as the tape looks appealing to those who get to have a look on them.
The carpet backing should be enhanced by pressing the adhesive strip; for strength of tape carpet edging one is required to apply hot glue. This product should be applied on the gap that is present between the edges of the carpet together with the tape’s binding. The measurement for the application should be six inches long thus one should ensure that these measurements aren’t surpassed.
The board should help one in ensuring that the glue is firmly attached. Tape carpet edging process continues where one is required to leave the glue to cool before proceeding to other parts that require the same application. This is to ensure that one gets the best results achievable.
Tape carpet edging should be applied with much care on the corners. This inexpensive method has been found to be very effective thus those who don’t want to spend much on carpet edging are required to make use of this method. Usage of tools such as the knife should be done with much care where one needs to prevent him/herself from accidental cuts.