How To Repair Carpet Edging

Carpet edging may have many great features but they are also susceptible to damage like other products. Many reasons can lead to wear and tear of carpet edging thus it’s good to expose them to repair or else one will get the worst view of carpet edges. These undertakings will result in one’s carpet looking like it was installed many years ago and usually this is not the case.
The following instructions will provide one with the expertise of repairing carpet edging. If one finds it hard to implement then he/she is required to seek services of an expert to ensure that his/her own carpet is fully restored.

Instructions on repairing carpet edging

Before proceeding in the implementation of the following set of instructions, one is required to have some tools to make the process a possibility.

Things you need on repairing carpet edging

The items that are required for carpet edging repair include a pair of scissors, carpet tacks, tape and carpet seam adhesive together with bitter apple spray.

Steps on carpet edging repair

To kickstart the process, one is required to take a closer look on the carpet edges and identify stray strands that may be present. This step is to aid in finding the damage that carpet edging may be exposed to. Upon findings, using a pair of scissors one is required to trim the stray strands.
Trimming is one of the key steps in carpet edging repair because it will prevent unraveling of the strands. It’s good to do this to prevent further damage to the carpet. Proceed to remove carpet edging in those areas that have suffered from damage. Be very careful when removing them and if one is not sure then he/she is to seek the services or go through manual in place relating to the removal.
carpet edgingTake the carpet seam adhesive and with it run a thin line. This application should be done beneath the edge of the carpet. Proceed to locate and pull the carpet taut and finish this step of carpet edging repair by pressing the carpet over the adhesive. This step is done due to the need of preventing the edges of the carpet from situations that may cause fray.
If one has pets that have the tendency of damaging carpet edging by chewing then he/she can make use of bitter apple spray to deter them from such undertakings. This product isn’t poisonous thus don’t worry about its constituent; it acts as repellent to prevent future damage that may occur to carpet edging. Tape can also act as a repellant to pets where continuous stuck that they may be exposed resulting into them finding another spot.
These are crucial steps that one needs to follow in order to repair his/her carpet edging. Many have found that pets and children are hugely responsible for damage suffered by carpet edging thus it’s good to keep an eye on them to prevent further losses. One thing to note is whether the damage suffered is extensive; if so then one has to cut the affected part or replace with a new one to enjoy what carpet edging has to offer.