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Carpet edge trims

Here is an plan for capping off the carpeting at the prime of a stairway therefore it won’t fray or get within the manner.

When the carpet guy put in the carpeting on our basement stairs, he finished by wrapping the carpeting over the high step and tacking it to a strip of oak. This worked fine for a couple years however inevitably, the carpet frayed at the top and gradually pulled aloof from the wood strip. The carpet also protruded slightly higher than the adjacent tile floor so additional than one person stumbled on it when using the steps. The cat also treated the protruding carpeting as a scratching post that didn’t help the case.

To remedy matters, I removed the old wood strip and replaced it with a custom milled piece of oak with a lip on it to hide the exposed edge of the carpeting. I additionally cut the carpet back to be flush with the underside of the oak trim and tacked it firmly against the stair riser.

The trim piece was three” wide by 30″ long and created from a piece of three/4″ thick red oak. It’s held in place with four countersunk brass screws.

To build the trim, I used the table saw to cut out an oblong section to form an L-form and then beveled each long edge with the blade tilted to concerning 35 degrees. After gently sanding the surface, I applied an oil stain and finished with two coats of satin polyurethane. As it turned out, the cut-out piece was the identical thickness as the final trim piece therefore I was able to use it as a brief cap till the finish dried.


Easy carpet binding

Easybind carpet edging may be a revolutionary new way to bind carpet. It may be a quick, straightforward and enticing alternative to carpet whipping and will be applied ON-SITE.

Easybind Carpet Binding, An Alternative to Carpet Whipping
Easybind suggests that fitters will bind a carpet or runner on site, using an enticing rope trim, in just minutes. Easybind is distinctive within the UK, requiring minimal expertise because the trim is merely glued onto the carpet or runner. It provides an attractive and quick alternative to carpet whipping or binding, and there is a broad choice of 23 totally different trims in a very variety of colors.

Easybind is good news for householders as it offers an engaging different to carpet binding or whipping.

Easybind Benefits

Easybind carpet edging suggests that that carpet will be fitted on the first visit, there’s no want for second appointment to install carpet. This saves travel and time prices for the fitter.


Easybind Carpet Binding, An Alternative to Carpet Whipping

Easybind can be used on straight runs


Easybind Carpet Binding, An Alternative to Carpet Whipping

binding inside edges


Easybind Carpet Binding, An Alternative to Carpet Whipping

outside edges

Tips To Install Aluminum Bars

When a carpet is installed in a very room, the perimeters of the carpet are tucked into the base of the wallboard. This is completed for aesthetic reasons, with to forestall the edge of the carpet from pulling up. When there is a doorway between a carpeted space and an uncarpeted area, the sting of the carpet must be locked down as a result of it is a tripping hazard. This will be done by inserting an aluminum transition bar across the edge of the carpet.

Things You may Need

Tape measure
Transition bar
Metal-cutting blade
Galvanized screws
Utility knife
Stair chisel
Wood block

Installing an aluminum bar across carpet edging can prevent people from tripping.

1.Cut the aluminum transition bar to suit across the length of the doorway with a hacksaw.
2.Lay the aluminum bar across the doorway, positioning it thus that the front edge is beneath the edge of the carpet. Attach the bar to the ground with galvanized screws.
3.Place a straightedge on the carpet one/4 in. away from the sting, positioning it thus that it runs parallel to the doorway.
4.Trim the one/four-in. edge of the carpet off with a utility knife. Use the straightedge as a guide. Cut away any rough, jagged edges left behind by the first cut.
5.Stretch the carpet till it reaches the aluminum transition bar with a knee-kicker — thus named as a result of you kick the padded fringe of the tool with your knee to stretch the carpet.
half dozen.Slide the edge of the carpet beneath the prime edge of the transition bar and onto the hooks along the underside edge inside the transition bar employing a stair chisel. The hooks help to carry the carpet in place.
7.Bend the flange on the high of the bar down onto the prime of the carpet by tapping it with a hammer. Place a wood block between the hammer and therefore the transition bar to guard the bar from receiving direct blows from the hammer.

Aluminium Bar Carpet Edging Installation

There are broad carpet edging materials that can be used when the need comes up. The sole purpose of carpet edging is to ensure that seam is well hidden that is present between the floor and the carpet. Many prefer to use carpet edging in order for them to get the look that is aesthetic and works well on the intersection.
Another reason as to why many prefer carpet edging is that this product prevents one from tripping that may result from non-uniform flooring. This undertaking has forced the market to come up with aluminium bar carpet edging so as to satisfy their demand.

Instructions on installing aluminium bar carpet edging

Aluminium bar carpet edging are present in the market varying in length together with elegant finishes that have all that it takes to fulfill need for a home decor.

Things needed for aluminium carpet edging installation

Tools required for one to successfully install aluminium bar carpet edging include a tape measure, aluminium bar carpet edging kit, hacksaw and electric screw gun together with screws.

Steps on installing aluminium bar carpet edging

The first step in installing aluminium bar carpet edging includes measuring the seam one is to hide. Using the tape measure, one will find out the length of seam where these measurements will aid one in the installation.
The second step involves one cutting out the required measurement of the aluminium bar carpet edging. The measurement one can use to cut aluminium bar carpet edging is the distance between the walls available. The tool that is ideal for this service is the hacksaw.
Proceed to lay the aluminium bar carpet edging over the seam to begin the installation. One is required to ensure that the screws that are available on the carpet edging are centered over the seam. The electric screw gun should aid one in driving the screws perfectly.
carpet edgingThings to note are that one must ensure when buying aluminium bar carpet edging is varying length that he/she comes with. Correct measurements will ensure that the process is successful. Another point to note is the danger posed with tools such as hacksaw when one is not implementing much care.
Use of electric screw gun must also be used with much care where one is required not to over-tighten the screws because in the future he/she may want to remove aluminium bar carpet edging. This undertaking will ensure that one gets to enjoy uniformity that comes with the installation.
Many have been found to make use of aluminium bar carpet edging to adjacent flooring of different material. Great looks will be promoted thus it’s very essential for homes and offices that want to paint a good picture together with the strong feelings for home decor. In ensuring that the carpet edges are well hidden all around the room even if they meet another floor, it’s good to install this carpet edging. They are present in the market at a very affordable price comparing with the benefits that come with the product.